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Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a practice that focus on balancing your energy through physical asanas. In Hatha yoga you will develop strength, agility and balance through the use of asanas and breathing.


In my classes we will work with slow and deep sequences where we hold the positions to strengthen and develop the ability to listen to the body. My classes are intermediate level, but all levels are able to join.

My hatha yoga classes always starts with a short pranayama (breathing exercise) followed by different exercises to warm up of the spine, neck and shoulders. This is to prepare the body for asana practice. Then sun salutations to get warm. After that the asana practice begins, containing different standing asanas, twists, back bends, front bends,, sometimes shoulders, feet, hips, hips, arm balancing.

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My hatha yoga foundation comes from a classical yoga tradition (Sivananda). In classical hatha yoga you have time for contemplation and to feel into each position. My classes contain the most important classical asanas within the hatha yoga tradition and also many other yoga traditions. My classes aim to move the spine in all directions to create flexibility and mobility. Yoga for me is about creating flexibility and space in the mind, body and in your life.


My classes vary from class to class, but with a very classical approach.


Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga uses , simple tools to balance the nervous system and lymphatic system, as well as to strengthen the body and mind. Kundalini yoga is an active and dynamic yoga form.


Kundalini yoga uses kriyas (sets of yoga
exercises), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), mudras (hand and finger positions), chanting of mantras in several combinations. Expect to chant, move, jump, hold the positions for a long time and breathe deeply and in repeated patterns - there are not two classes that are the
same! Each exercise is repeated several times for 3-5 minutes.


Kundalini yoga is a practice that focuses on body and mind and is not only about physical strength and flexibility, but also inner strength and mental and emotional balance. Kundalini yoga will challenge you both physically and mentally and help you live according to your true self. 


Themes I focus on in my classes could be: Stress release, opening your heart, emotional balance, chakras, balancing your hormones, cleansing your body and energy, getting more energy, balancing your mind.

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