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I am a trained and certified RYT 200-hour Hatha Yoga Instructor from the International Sivananda Yoga Verdanta Center, Bahamas in 2014 & Certified RYT 220-hour Kundalini Yoga Instructor from International iSKY Kundalini Yoga Training, Copenhagen in 2014.


I have been teaching yoga classes for 7 years every week since february 2014. Both in Pan yoga, private, many yoga studios, company yoga and retreats and workshops. 

In my teaching I focus on physical yoga (asanas), meditation and breathing exercise (pranayama). I provide simple and effective tools to handle a busy day. My classes are designed to increase strength and flexibility, as well as reduce stress and increase body awareness. I work with the union of body and mind to create presence and consciousness in your everyday life.


Al levels are welcome, beginners and advanced.

My approach to Yoga


Yoga for me is about creating flexibility and space in the mind, body and in your life.


I see spinal movement as an important part of your yoga practice. Together with that breathing (pranayama) is an even important part of your practice, if not even more. Breathing is the key to opening up the body. If you use the breath properly you can work very deep and create space in the body and calm down the nervous system. Breathing is always an important part of my teaching of yoga and meditation.


In my teaching, I see each student as a unique individual. There is not one size fits all. Each body has its own unique history, background and physique. 

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